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Yep, I may be a pole smoking, fudge packing, cum drinking, creampie loving homosexual, but I find women who squirt just soooooo erotic and hot!


If you’re a squirt-lover like me, then familiarize yourself with fuck machines. There’s so much you can do with your fingers, your lips, your tongue, and your cock, but apparently one gets the most explosive results from these high-powered fuck machines.

And honestly, I’m OK with that. You can’t put a price on how sexy a satisfied squirter is.

Seriously, I’m getting so fucking hard just looking at how much is gushing out in these gifs. I just wanna drink it all.



Me getting some Jerk-Off help. Why use my hand when I can use yours?!

One of my followers (who requested anonymity) asked if I could post a video of women fondling my BBC, but not really sucking it. So I made this short compilation of women stroking me. I had to put 2 cumshots at the end or it was just boring IMO. Enjoy!

Wow! I would love to get between his spread legs and worship that cock and luscious balls for days while he shoots big load after load in my mouth!


Anonymous asked:

Best technique to eat a girl out. In your preference.



Come, let me guide you in the wonderful world of cunnilingus..

with hours and hours spent sitting on his face

him devouring me with wet, sloppy, passionate kisses

that make my pussy clench and my booty cheeks move

giving me that look that gives me goosebumps and makes my legs tremble

teasing my clit some more with his soft lips as my whole body is shaking

and then inserting a finger, or two.. until I cum

leaving me breathless

A lovely female perspective.

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